Ken Keiter

Ken Keiter

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I love a challenge. I work best on independent R&D projects, or in a consultant/EIR (Engineer In Residence) role for startups. I’ve started a couple of somewhat unknown companies (I like to think I know what CEOs are going through), and have gone through TechStars as a CTO.

I’m a full-stack software engineer, primarily. UI, UX, and visual design are also among my passions, and I have intermediate experience in electrical engineering (relatively sophisticated schematic/board design, fab, and bring-up). As far as software goes, I’ve worked in an assortment of different languages and done everything under the sun, from complex web apps using popular frameworks for Ruby and Python, to embedded applications in C, to JS-heavy client-side UIs, to Objective-C/C++ desktop applications for Mac, to custom-designed databases in Go.

Random things I’m pretty solid at/interested in: ops work, computer vision, sensors, hardware interfaces, protocol design/reverse engineering, geospatial stuff, database design, system architectural design, high-assurance systems, robotics.

Projects welcome.

If you think you have an R&D project that might benefit from my odd range of skills, please get in touch.